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About Us - The Home Center For Men

Quality over Quantity: As of right now The HOME Center for Men is able to house a maximum of 7 men. That’s it and that’s ok! The idea is to get these guys into the home and immediately begin their journey to wherever it is they’d like to go.

They’ll benefit from a structured atmosphere with rules and expectations that they may not have previously been a part of. Curfews, chores, meeting requirements and random drug screens are all components of our program.

We want the guys to understand that we are a helping hand guiding them towards something better, but they also need to realize that this is strictly their decision and journey to take.

We will accomplish this by allowing them to decide how the house is run, what items are purchased for the home, altering of rules, assigning of chores, etc.

This is their house and our strategy will provide them a true feeling of independence and growth throughout this process.

Cooking, cleaning, paying rent, following rules, laundry and other responsibilities are all things they get to learn and practice with our support.

Our goal is to show our clients positive techniques for becoming responsible, productive men! As they adopt a new way of thinking and begin living a new way of life, our hope is that these new behaviors become like second nature and the need for our guidance slowly subsides over time.

This will allow us to then refocus a portion of that attention to someone who is not as far along. We will be that helping hand until consumers are able to walk this journey on their own.

Once new residents have taken some time to acclimate to their new home and system, we sit down and explain our expectations, but they also get the chance to express theirs! At this time we will also begin working on an Individual Development Plan (IDP).

This portion is critical and determines many factors based upon the ultimate goals of the individual.

The creation of the IDP forces a client to thoroughly evaluate themselves and set goals based upon what it is they truly want out of life. There is no limit on how detailed and thorough their IDP can be because it specifies their goals and the steps needed to achieve their objective.

The more thorough the plan is, the better. Some clients may set their bars too low while others too high. Our job is to keep them realistic about their ambitions, but challenging them to continuously evaluate their personal goals as they navigate through life! This is their roadmap towards success and any journey MUST have a map!

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