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How You Can Help Us

If you are wondering whether you’d be able to help us in our mission, of course you can!!! We are always taking donations of men’s clothing, hygiene products, linens and any items that can be used in a home such as: appliances, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, furniture, toilet paper, and ANYTHING else you can think of!

If your personal business or your place of employment is interested in helping, the majority of our residents are looking for employment upon their entry into The HOME Center for Men. A working relationship can be established to place our gentlemen directly into stable, full-time employment!

Lastly, not all of our recently accepted residents can afford their entry fees. We don’t turn anyone away due to these circumstances, but it can be stressful for clients to come into the home and immediately accrue rental debts. Monetary donation can be made to give clients a head start with their newfound journey!Whichever avenue suits you best, there is a way for you to contribute. If you wish to help, please contact us for more info!!

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