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Our Services - How We Can Help You

After an IDP (Individual Development Plan) is developed it is our duty to support our clients by providing proper supervision and follow-up care towards the achievement of these outlined goals.

We do not provide monies or services that require funding on-site, but we will instead act as a “go-between” with agencies who do. Referrals are an intricate part of our residents’ care and can be used for emergency food services, professional clothing, permanent housing, funding for continued education and a multitude of other categories.

Both our success and the success of our clients will rely heavily on our knowledge of local charitable agencies and our relationship with these facilities. These referrals will be the ties that connect us with others who share the same ambitions.

If there is something that we cannot offer our residents, it is our duty to supply them with a catalogue of resources listing establishments that can.

They will be able to reap the benefits of having multiple organizations in their corner, all operating together for their achievement.

We believe functioning together is a top priority and several outfits partnering collectively will ALWAYS be better than one!

Some clients may need mental health services, while others will receive grants for schooling.

Each treatment plan will fit that specific individual and it is imperative that all areas of concern are discussed and addressed!

An individualized approach will produce higher rates of success than a “one size fits all” model and this is our ultimate goal, a profound change that will last!!!

In a nutshell, this program is my duty and my dream!

It’s the very reason why I am here. Why I exist! To make a positive impact in others’ lives!

Imagine the good we can do if we’re able to help 10 guys!

The resounding affect it would have on their children, their siblings, friends and communities!

What if the 10 guys we help are able to help 10 young men and in turn those men help 10 young men and so on and so forth!?!?

The possibilities are limitless! You too can help change these men’s lives! To find out how please contact us to receive more information!

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